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GBS Insights

Intelligence for your Domino Environment

Are you...

  • Considering migrating your Notes and Domino environment?
  • Considering making Notes and Domino applications available on mobile / web devices?
  • Considering optimizing your IBM Notes infrastructure?

If you are thinking about making decisions concerning any of the above, you should also ask yourself if you have all the information you need to make these decisions. In case you are not sure, take a look at this list of critical information requirements:

  • Critical applications
  • Frequency of usage
  • Dependencies on other applications
  • Integration points
  • Migration complexity
  • Consolidation opportunities
  • Server utilization
  • Performance bottlenecks

The reason most organizations encounter issues like budget overruns, failure to meet deadlines, failure to achieve delivery requirements and increased risk of interrupting business operations, during project execution is the lack of the information they need before making decisions concerning their projects.

This is why it is extremely critical to consider the GBS Insights program and get all the important information you need so that you are ready to make the right decisions.

What is GBS Insights?

GBS Insights provides you with critical information that enables you to make decisions about migrating, optimizing and mobile enabling your Notes and Domino environment. This information is based on a detailed assessment of your environment that provides usage, dependency, distribution and integration data, which is analyzed and used to provide you with fact-based recommendations to help achieve your goals.

How does GBS Insights work?

GBS Insights is a services offering that leverages GBS’ cutting edge tools, processes and expertise to deliver precise, measurable, rapid and cost effective intelligence on your Notes and Domino environment. GBS Insights includes:

  1. Assessment of strategic business and IT objectives related to your Notes and Domino environment
  2. Automated data collection about your infrastructure and applications using GBS’ specialized tools
  3. Analysis of data by GBS experts and formulation of findings
  4. Delivery of a detailed report with findings and recommendations that addresses your key needs

What is the value GBS Insights delivers?

For Migration projects - GBS Insights minimizes business disruption, reduces cost and decreases time and effort of project execution.

For Optimization projects - GBS Insights provides you with a detailed understanding of cost savings and performance improvement opportunities.

For Web enablement / mobile enablement projects - GBS Insights provides you with specific guidance for selecting the appropriate applications and creating an achievable plan for your project. In addition, GBS provides the tools required to accelerate the mobile / web enablement of your applications.