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Optimization and Consolidation

Are you:

  • Looking for Expert advice on optimizing your Domino environment?
  • Planning to Consolidate Domino server infrastructure?
  • Trying to Increase ROI by reducing licensing, storage and communication costs?
  • Trying to decrease administration burdens and take advantage of under-utilized resources?

For support and assistance on any or all of the above decisions GBS’ Optimization and Consolidation Services would be the ideal choice to make.

What is GBS’ Optimization and Consolidation Services?

GBS’ Optimization and Consolidation Services help you optimize your Notes & Domino infrastructure to improve performance, minimize maintenance effort and reduce cost. Consolidation of servers and improved virtualization can help eliminate significant license and maintenance costs. GBS Optimization Specialists also help lower annual support costs. GBS’ highly skilled professionals use proprietary methodologies and tools to gather data and analyze your IBM Domino infrastructure, including email, web services and application portfolio. Based on the analysis and findings, GBS Experts create and implement a detailed Optimization and Consolidation plan that delivers both immediate and long-term value.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimized and efficient infrastructure
  • Improved performance and responsiveness
  • Superior availability
  • Lower management cost
  • Extended and rapid ROI

GBS Expert Services on Optimization and Consolidation include:

Domino Directory Review and Analysis

  • Group naming conventions
  • Address book consolidation
  • Orphan user cleanup
  • Program Document Recommendations
    • Running Compact, Fixup on scheduled basis
  • Directory Assistance
    • Client authentication
    • Group lookups
    • Notes Mail Addressing
    • LDAP service searches
  • Mail management
    • Compliance (e.g. mail journaling, legal discovery)

Domino Performance Analysis

  • Hardware analysis
    • Drives, memory, disk allocation, anti-virus setup, ram disk setup, network compression
    • Moving indices to a different physical drive, use of RAM drives
  • Notes.INI analysis
    • Server task review, JVM settings
    • Clean up troubleshooting items
  • Log file management
    • Purge interval maintenance
  • Review of anti-virus implementation
    • Setting anti-virus exclusions, application co-existence
  • Session and agent time out settings
  • Monitoring server utilization

Database Management

  • Upgrading database ODS (on disk structure)
    • Save disk storage using DAOS (ODS 51)
    • Program Document Advanced switches (e.g. 2 hours every Saturday, system will upgrade nsfs)
  • Purge Interval replication control
    • Deletion stub management
  • Correcting database corruption issues
  • Initiating the use of Policy documents
  • Archiving and quota management review

Server Consolidation or Expansion

  • Infrastructure review / assessment
  • Server decommissioning analysis
  • Server virtualisation recommendations and support
  • User migration to consolidated server
    • reduce licensing costs
    • reduce overhead due to more powerful machines
  • High Availability
    • Cluster optimization
    • Clustering / fail-over set up
    • Notes client cluster awareness

Workstation Configuration Management

  • Multi-user & roaming client installs (e.g., user config on the server)
  • Connection document review
  • Execution Control List (ECL) review