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Technical FAQ

This section provides answers to frequently asked technical questions on general and product-specific issues.

Focus: Installation

Comprehensive information on versions, requirements, operating systems, upgrade.

Focus: Anti-virus technology and iQ.Suite Watchdog

Comprehensive information on virus scanners and file restrictions: integration, updates and configuration.

Focus: Archiving with iQ.Suite Safe

Access rights and disk space, cluster, encryption and signing, export as DXL.

Focus: Encryption with iQ.Suite Crypt

Encryption and decryption, signature and verification, server-to-server encryption.

Focus: Encryption with S/MIME

S/MIME: certificates, troubleshooting, legal provisions.

Focus: GnuPG - Further User IDs (UIDs)

PGP: Further User IDs (UIDs) - Example GnuPG.

Focus: iQ.Suite WebCrypt

Email encryption for everyone

Focus: Licensing

Comprehensive information on licensing, license activation, and extended licenses.

Focus: More than spam protection - iQ.Suite Wall

Content/address checking: CORE, Denial-of-Service attacks, anti-spam advanced.

Focus: PGP encryption exemplified by GnuPG

PGP: private and public keys, troubleshooting.

Focus: Rule Engine iQ.Suite for Domino

Comprehensive information on functions, troubleshooting, configuration hints.

Focus: User-specific Quarantine iQ.Suite for Domino

Comprehensive information on white/blacklists, roles in the ACL, summary notifications.

Focus: Using Fingerprints

Using fingerprints: benefits, application fields, sources.