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iQ.Suite for IBM Domino

February 2014 Increasing Productivity with IBM Notes 9 Social Edition
April 2013 Synchronizing GBS Workflow tasks
January 2013 On the handling of widgets LiveText in IBM Notes
November 2012 Forwarding personal email to group inboxes
August 2012 Taking smart action against information burnout
July 2012 Scheduled Jobs
June 2012 Situation-dependent email parking and automatic re-sending
April 2012 Deployment of a second virus scanner
March 2012 Importing new configuration elements after an iQ.Suite update
February 2012 How "Kürschnergate" in the German Bundestag could have been avoided
January 2012 Running commands at operating system level
December 2011 Converting email attachments
November 2011 Mail-in accounts and quarantine access
October 2011 Protecting sensitive data (credit card numbers) in email messages
September 2011 Removing “commands” from subject line commands regardless of spelling
August 2011 Send password-encrypted files automatically
July 2011 Incorrect number of email recipients?
June 2011 Incorporation of watermarks into PDF documents
May 2011 Automatic extension of the list of recipients
April 2011 Using randomness to check email correspondence for private messages
March 2011 Reduction of emails to be checked
January 2011 Email notifications on the expiration of an S/MIME certificate
December 2010 Dynamic Rule Evaluation
November 2010 Append Trailers Only Once
October 2010 Text Filter Using Regular Expressions
September 2010 Changing Product Headers in Absence Notifications
August 2010 iQ.Suite Trailer - how to avoid blank lines
July 2010 Changing the Product Header in User Notifications
June 2010 Setup of iQ.Suite Trailer for Department-Specific need
May 2010 Personalized signatures in representative-mails
April 2010 Backup-optimised data storage for iQ.Suite Store
March 2010 Filtering emails with an identical sender and recipient
February 2010 What does my sent email look like?
January 2010 Automatic encryption of outgoing emails with S/MIME
December 2009 Controlling jobs by inserting a command in the subject line
November 2009 Processing a signed email
September 2009 Avoiding formula errors
August 2009 Verifying formula rules
January 2009 Blocking mails with bogus sender domain
December 2008 Using whitelists to prevent quarantining of business emails
November 2008 Monitoring the SASI update
October 2008 Global parameters to control iQ.Suite
September 2008 Detecting and blocking fake mails
August 2008 Delivery Status Notification (DSN) and Non-Delivery Notification (NDN) Messages
July 2008 Use of RBLs - Realtime Blackhole Lists
June 2008 Avoiding ping-pong effects
May 2008 Informing users about filtered emails
April 2008 User Portal lightens Workload of Administrator
March 2008 Automated Management of iQ.Suite Clerk Database Documents
February 2008 Office 2007 and its new file format
January 2008 Unknown attachments: tkmimexx, mimexx, attaxxx.dat, bdy.txt
December 2007 Exclude user groups from a job check

iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP

June 2013 Central and automatic solution to email formatting problems
February 2013 Automatic adjustment of recipient addresses
December 2012 Deleting email headers with iQ.Suite
November 2012 Using iQ.Suite Jobs at specific times
October 2012 Converting .PRN files into PDF
September 2012 Targeted determination of summary report recipients
August 2012 Modifying iQ.Suite Audit-Log Intervals
July 2012 Running scheduled virus scans via Exchange Information Store
June 2012 iQ.Suite MMC Console in 64-Bit Operating System
May 2012 Integrating command-line tools into iQ.Suite Convert
April 2012 Attachment compression and password protection
March 2012 Detecting and modifying text patterns in Email texts
February 2012 Adjusting notification options for restricted emails
January 2012 Using hidden Active Directory objects
December 2011 Faster working with a large number of Active Directory objects
November 2011 Exporting information from basic configuration to XML file
October 2011 Manage PST files more effectively
September 2011 Running iQ.Suite Management Console from a Desktop Computer
August 2011 Central archive search across all mailboxes
July 2011 Automatically removing extra lines from iQ.Suite Trailer sender signatures
June 2011 Restarting archiving processes automatically
May 2011 Adjusting the standard settings of the Windows SMTP server
April 2011 Adjusting the Mail Transport Jobs display
March 2011 Email Analysis with iQ.Suite
February 2011 Proactive request of summary notifications by users
January 2011 Logging iQ.Suite processes by the Quarantine function "Processing History"
December 2010 Automatically Change Email Sender and Recipient Addresses
November 2010 iQ.Suite Trailer and Job Variables
October 2010 Using iQ.Suite Exchange on the MSX Edge Transport Server
September 2010 Optimizing the Quarantine Cleaning Process
August 2010 iQ.Suite Crypt and global key mapping
July 2010 Using iQ.Suite Data on Different Drives
June 2010 Using iQ.Suite Trailer to integrate images as logos into emails
May 2010 Testing for pattern updates
April 2010 Check file attachments in iQ.Suite quarantine
March 2010 Backup-optimised data storage for iQ.Suite Store
February 2010 iQ.Suite Trailer Autopositioning
January 2010 Exporting S/MIME certificates automatically to a directory
December 2009 Configuring an email auto-responder
November 2009 Rules-based processing of password-protected archive files
October 2009 Embedding notification in email text
August 2009 Fast access to quarantine
July 2009 Manage standard key and certificates with iQ.Suite Crypt
June 2009 Do not append trailer if text has already been inserted
May 2009 Continuous archiving
April 2009 Blocking emails with a fake sender
March 2009 Email export with iQ.Suite Bridge quarantine
February 2009 Using individual S/MIME certificates
January 2009 Recovering archived emails
December 2008 Four-eye principle protects corporate data
November 2008 How to incorporate images in iQ.Suite Trailer
October 2008 Stopping spam mails that you apparently wrote yourself
September 2008 How to view emails with the details added by iQ.Suite Trailer
August 2008 Auto-Whitelisting in iQ.Suite Wall
July 2008 Solving the problem of non-delivery mails as spam
June 2008 Using an SQL server as a quarantine index
May 2008 Archiving Outlook tasks
April 2008 Controlling Sets of Rules through Subject Command
March 2008 How to redesign the web page for summary notification requests
February 2008 Block spam emails sent to unknown recipients
January 2008 iQ.Suite Job-Reporting