Permessa Collaboration Investigator

Reduce wasted expenses and security risk while improving service level performance

Permessa Collaboration Investigator helps to reduce IT infrastructure costs, improve service level performance and tighten security by providing comprehensive analyses of application and database usage across the enterprise through application network monitoring.


  • Cleans up your network by removing abandoned IBM Notes and Domino databases, IBM Notes mailboxes and QuickPlace or QuickR rooms and places
  • Eliminates security hazards from unauthorized users accessing applications and mailboxes
  • Reduces license purchases by recycling user IDs
  • Optimizes deployments by load balancing and replication technology planning
  • Measures Domino application adoption
  • Delivers personalized information via customizable portals

Specifically, Permessa Collaboration Investigator identifies misused resources that cause wasted expense and increase security risk. Such resources include abandoned databases, mailboxes and user IDs. These can be easily deleted or reallocated to free up server storage space and network bandwidth without disrupting business operations.

Permessa Collaboration Investigator works by correlating user activity and application traffic to produce detailed reports and analysis. Data collection is completed and presented in easy-to-use portals without tedious manual effort. Use of this collaboration management software can result in substantial and immediate cost savings.


  • Application network monitoring is easily scalable across the enterprise; there are no agents to install, maintain or configure
  • Eliminates the time-consuming, manual consolidation of server logs and reports
  • Web-based portals assemble information for a particular audience or specific areas of interest; customized portals can be used to distribute and share reports using only a web browser; no additional software is required
  • Automatically generates reports and notifies recipients by email when they are updated; scheduled reports eliminate the need to manually generate reports
  • The report designer feature allows you to quickly and easily create custom reports using a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface, providing detailed (down to the user) or summary (across the enterprise) reports and analysis
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