Permessa Email Control

IBM award-winning email tracking and in-depth log analysis tool

The IBM award-winning Permessa Email Control provides comprehensive and easy-to-use reports, email tracking and in-depth log analysis for IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange. Whether pure IBM Domino, on-premises Microsoft Exchange or any combination of the two, IT managers and administrators can use the reports provided by Email Control to gain a complete understanding of their environment with specific actionable recommendations to lower operating costs by up to 40% without sacrificing service quality.


  • Reduces IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange operating costs by up to 40%
  • Reduces IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange log analysis time by up to 95% with comprehensive reports
  • Provides detailed actionable recommendations that can lower costs and improve service quality
  • Gets the most from DAOS (Domino Attachment and Object Service) by fixing configuration problems
  • Allows enterprise to meet or exceed SLA (Service Level Agreement) commitments
  • Allows for customization and enforcement of email policies for performance, compliance and abuse

For IBM Domino DAOS-enabled environments, GBS uncovers opportunities for even more savings. Just turning on DAOS does not mean that DAOS is being used optimally. GBS knows how to find additional savings. Often, adjusting a few critical settings can make a big difference.

The IBM award committee recognized Permessa Email Control because it redefines the IT tool category by answering IT's question, “What should I do?” On average 4% of all messages typically generate 80% of the cost and problems. Permessa Email Control finds those messages and their senders. It suggests specific policies that have minimal impact on the other 96% of messages. With this email management tool, IT managers and messaging administrators no longer need to pour over countless logs and traffic reports to fix problems, lower costs and improve service.

Permessa Email Control uses predictive messaging analysis technology to analyze how the system is being used and make specific actionable recommendations based on many years of experience with leading enterprises.

The net result is that IT managers and messaging administrators typically can use the reports to reduce log analysis time by 95% and can reduce overall operating costs by as much as 40%, while improving service levels and reducing information overload.


  • Dozens of comprehensive, easy-to-use log reports: creates comprehensive, easy-to-use reports from IBM Notes and Domino logs and organizes them into customizable portals
  • IBM Domino DAOS optimization: identifies opportunities to achieve significantly greater storage and routing savings with DAOS
  • Policy enforcement: blocks or quarantines messages that violate policies and can send notices to the affected parties
  • Disclaimers and branding: automatically add text and images to messages that can vary by key criteria, such as location, sender’s language and organization unit
  • Works close to sender: reduces network traffic or the need to archive wasteful messages
  • Ongoing detailed reporting: comprehensive reporting and alerts provide a complete understanding of your messaging system
  • Control access to mailing groups: restrict mailing group access to specific senders and prevent recipients from unauthorized use of "replying all" to distribution lists
  • Native software solution: does not require the purchase of a gateway
  • Gather detailed message information, such as whether messages were encrypted, which mailing groups were used, the subject lines, the attachment types and similar message envelope details

Permessa Email Control Suite

Permessa Email Investigator: analyzes your traffic patterns, optimizes traffic flow, analyzes infrastructure resource consumption, defines and monitors service levels, detects possible security issues and resolves problems before they affect your business.

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