Permessa IM Archiver

Instant messages are covered by the same compliance and legal discovery requirements as email. When that urgent legal request comes in or an investigation starts, it is your obligation to retrieve entire conversations – not just a collection of messages – with all of the information, including all text formatting, emoticons, graphics and explicit file transfers. Sametime archiving ensures that this obligation can be met.

The complexity of Sametime archiving requires an enterprise-grade archiving application like Permessa IM Archiver. Permessa IM Archiver is a native IBM Sametime application that captures all Sametime messages, including both two-way and n-way chats, in full fidelity and messages to public IM services (Google, Yahoo!, AOL) via the Sametime Gateway. Permessa IM Archiver for IBM Sametime provides full support to attain SEC 17a-4 and NASD 3010 compliance.


  • Archives IBM Sametime chats in high fidelity
  • Meets obligations for compliance and legal discovery (SEC 17a-4 and NASD 3010)
  • Captures the tone of each chat, including all formatting, graphics, emoticons, attachments and explicit file transfers
  • A highly scalable and secure solution that can be deployed enterprise-wide; can be set to include or exclude users, OU or groups
  • Built-in full text search and keyword tracking/alerting
  • Extensive content security through ACLs and reviewer audit trail
  • Sametime Gateway support captures all external conversations with public IM services, such as Google, Yahoo! and AOL
  • Built natively for IBM Sametime; there is no need for proxies
  • Integrates with 3rd party email archiving solutions to create a unified, easily searchable messaging archive, supporting both MIME and XML formats
  • Native IBM Notes based administration; no need to learn another tool or user interface
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