Permessa IM Investigator

Permessa IM Investigator is an instant message monitoring software for IBM Sametime that enables IT organizations to optimize their Sametime network to reduce infrastructure and administrative costs, deliver unparalleled service and ensure major project success. Permessa IM Investigator's advanced instant message monitoring, analysis and automation capabilities help you maintain a stable, scalable and secure Sametime environment in today's constantly changing business and technology landscape.

Key benefits of instant message monitoring

  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) of your Sametime system while improving service levels and overall system reliability and security
  • Identifies enterprise-wide usage patterns and trends over time for proactive load balancing and accurate capacity planning
  • Delivers personalized knowledge when and how you need it by automatically distributing the right level of information to the appropriate executives, IT managers and administrators
  • Assists in establishing enterprise-wide service level goals and then monitors compliance with the terms of the agreement
  • Helps ensure on-time and on-budget completion of upgrades, consolidations, mergers, migrations, topology designs and other strategic projects by accurately benchmarking and monitoring performance before and after execution
  • Supplies critical information about chat volumes and e-meetings to monitor user adoption and to detect possible misuse or abuse as well as security breaches

Technical features

  • Automatically generates instant message monitoring reports and posts them to easy-to-use portals and notifies designated recipients by email; eliminates the need to manually generate recurring reports by setting up tasks to run on a predefined schedule
  • “Digital-dashboard” summary statistics provide a quick overview of enterprise-wide email traffic with drill-down capabilities
  • For additional analysis, our interactive report designer enables you to quickly and easily create custom reports in various formats tailored to your messaging environment
  • Scalable for distributed, enterprise-wide analysis; no time-consuming, manual consolidation of individual server logs and reports is needed
  • Easily customize reports without the need for consultants; base your reports on many standard report templates that provide an exhaustive analysis of all Sametime infrastructure components and vital performance indicators, such as chat volumes, e-meeting attendance, server loads and overall user activity
  • Assemble reports into web-based portals that you can customize into many different portals for particular audiences or areas of interest; portals make it easy to distribute and share reports with colleagues over the Internet or via an internal network using only a web browser; no software installation is required
  • Plain-language report wizard that helps you navigate to the right standard report to address your query or build a new report based on predefined templates
  • Unified reporting with all GBS Permessa products for “single view” enterprise-wide analysis; users can view their email, instant messaging, replication and collaboration analysis from the same portal
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