Permessa IM Monitor

Permessa IM Monitor proactively tests IBM Sametime servers to ensure their real-time health and availability. Synthetic transactions simulate the user experience and test all IM services, such as chat, electronic meetings, whiteboard sharing and buddy lists. This proactive testing capability can be especially important for companies that rely upon real-time communications and real-time events, such as webinars and important electronic meetings.

The health and availability assessments are performed for all critical Sametime services on each server and the connections between servers. They not only show that IM is working, they also measure performance to quickly identify potential problems before users experience them. When performance falls below established thresholds, alerts may be sent to designated recipients via email, instant message or SMS text.

Permessa IM Monitor lets you monitor your Sametime infrastructure through a sidebar widget right from within your Notes client. Check the availability status and get alerted right away without ever leaving Notes.

Another exciting new feature of Permessa IM Monitor is the integrated monitoring of Sametime Gateway and its connectivity to external IM communities, such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger and others. In addition, Permessa IM Monitor significantly enhances legacy performance management dashboards and can be easily integrated into HP Openview and IBM Tivoli via SNMP.


  • Synthetic transactions continually and automatically test all IBM Sametime services, such as chat, electronic meetings, whiteboard sharing and buddy lists
  • Checks Sametime Gateway connectivity to external IM communities
  • Sends alerts via instant message, email or SMS
  • Increases QoS through accelerated troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Assures production-grade infrastructure for 24/7 availability and assists with accurate capacity planning
  • Objectively measures Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Easy to use with automated data collection, processing, analyzing and alerting
  • Integration with existing enterprise performance-monitoring solutions via SNMP
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