Domino administration

GBS has unparalleled knowledge, skills and expertise in providing customers with IT admin services for their IBM infrastructure. The GBS admin services delivery team members average more than 12 years of experience in managing IBM Domino/Verse and related infrastructure (such as Sametime, Traveler and Connections). We can help you reduce your operating and support costs, get more returns from your current investments and help secure the future of the platform in your organization.

Key needs addressed by GBS admin services

  • 24 / 7 support
  • Domino hosting
  • Remote server administration
  • Onsite staff augmentation
  • Server performance tuning
  • Network and infrastructure support
  • Domino feature implementation
  • Security analysis
  • Domain mail routing and replication topology optimization
  • Sametime, Traveler and Connections deployments
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server support

Key benefits

  • 24 / 7 monitoring and management
  • Faster responses and turnarounds
  • Flexible support
  • Improved SLA performance
  • Significant cost savings

Description of GBS admin services

24 / 7 support services
GBS provides remote administration and support services, which include user management, troubleshooting, server configuration, routine short-duration installation, user training, and performance enhancement. We offer flexible packages that are affordable and complement your IT support team.

Domino hosting services
GBS offers secure Domino server hosting services and provides your organization with quality management and support, which enable your IT team to focus on your business priorities.

Remote server administration
Get superior on-demand support from our team of qualified Domino experts. The GBS admin team provides system health monitoring services as well as performing scheduled administrative tasks.

Onsite staff augmentation
Whether you need temporary critical support or scheduled access to resources, we can support your onsite administration needs to augment your team. This gives you the ability to control the scope and scheduling of assignments while we provide the qualified, experienced and professional talent.

Domino system performance enhancement
GBS provides a comprehensive assessment to determine the overall health, stability and performance of your Notes and Domino environment and provides recommendations that deliver both immediate and long-term value. During the assessment, we also document and gain knowledge about your environment, which enables us to provide rapid turnarounds for corrective action, if required.

Network and infrastructure support services
In addition to software, GBS experts support the hardware and infrastructure on which your Domino environment depends, such as server hardware, operating systems, networks, VPNs and other appliances. We offer a comprehensive bouquet of services, including periodic health checks and upgrades, system monitoring and live response.

Release review and upgrades
Our Domino experts thoroughly evaluate each maintenance release of Notes / Domino, determine an optimal upgrade plan and execute in a way that ensures lowest cost and least disruption to your business. We can also provide training and support services during and after the upgrade.

Domino feature implementation
GBS provides expert implementation of administration features, including Domino ID vault, Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS), managed replicas, roaming users, dynamic policies, full text index relocation, purge interval replication control, etc.

Domino security analysis
Our security experts review and analyze your Domino directory architecture, assisting with password policy reviews, certificate management, SSO implementation, Domino ID vault management, etc.

Replication management
GBS experts help optimize your domain mail routing and replication topology. We provide an analysis of end-user replication schedules and work with your IT team to review clustered server implementations.

Specialized tools

  • GBS Insights: services offering that leverages GBS’ cutting-edge tools, processes and expertise to deliver precise, measurable, rapid and cost-effective intelligence on your Lotus environment
  • GBS iQ.Suite: GBS’ iQ.Suite email management and security offerings ensure a secure and compliant email environment. IQ.Suite offers comprehensive email security, encryption, compliance, data security, legally compliant storage, discovery and retrieval capabilities
  • GBS Control: GBS IM Control enhances your IBM Lotus Sametime enterprise IM system with business-grade performance and compliance features
  • GBS FewClix: is an email productivity application for Lotus Notes that completely transforms the enterprise email paradigm. It is tailored to meet the unique needs of users and improves productivity and effectiveness by redefining the way users work with their email
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