GBS AppDesigner - Retirement Manager

Deactivating HCL Domino databases

Economically sound and future-proof deactivation and archiving of unused HCL Domino databases

GBS Retirement Manager – say goodbye to HCL Domino databases without losing content

HCL Domino/Verse applications that have grown over the years have become a burden for many companies. The licensing costs put a strain on the budget, while periodic maintenance consumes resources. What if you could quickly and easily deactivate out-of-date and unused applications? What if this could be done without losing their contents?

GBS Retirement Manager makes this possible. The powerful solution provides the efficient deactivation of unused applications – with no need for long-term analyses! Thanks to automated processes, HCL Domino/Verse applications can be retired effortlessly. Even large amounts of data pose no problem for GBS Retirement Manager as our solution can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Focus on sustainability

GBS Retirement Manager takes it one step further. Our solution does not only handle the efficient deactivation of applications and databases, but also makes their contents ready for future use. The foundation for this process is the established PDF standard, which maintains contents and additional metadata, as well as the original appearance. At the same time, GBS Retirement Manager guarantees platform independence and revision safety thanks to its employment of PDF/A format.

What’s more: in combination with GBS Workflow Manager, you are able to make your PDF files available to users via browser, as well as via Microsoft SharePoint or HCL Connections. There are no more obstacles in the way of long-term use!

Benefits by GBS Retirement Manager
Reduced operating and licensing costs Released budget for investments
Approved PDF standard Quick return-on-investment
MS SharePoint integration automated processe
Simple scalability of large amounts of data Image retention