Discontinued versions

The following versions and features have been or will be discontinued to the given End-of-service date.

GBS does not offer support, fixes or adjustments for discontinued versions; maintenance benefits provided are limited.


iQ.Suite 24.x Domino 31.12.2023
iQ.Suite 23.x Domino 31.12.2022
iQ.Suite 22.x Domino 31.12.2021
iQ.Suite 21.x Domino 31.12.2020
iQ.Suite 20.x Domino 31.12.2019
iQ.Suite 19.x Domino 31.12.2018
iQ.Suite 18.x Domino 31.12.2017
iQ.Suite 17.x Domino 31.12.2016
iQ.Suite 16.x Domino 31.10.2015
iQ.Suite 15.x Domino 31.10.2014
iQ.Suite 14.x Domino 31.12.2013
iQ.Suite 13.x Domino 31.12.2012



iQ.Suite 20.x Exchange/SMTP 31.12.2023
iQ.Suite 19.x Exchange/SMTP 31.12.2022
iQ.Suite 18.x Exchange/SMTP 31.12.2021
iQ.Suite 17.x Exchange/SMTP 31.12.2020
iQ.Suite 16.x Exchange/SMTP 31.12.2019
iQ.Suite 15.x Exchange/SMTP 31.12.2018
iQ.Suite 14.x Exchange/SMTP 31.12.2017
iQ.Suite 13.x Exchange/SMTP 31.12.2016
iQ.Suite 12.x Exchange/SMTP 31.10.2015
iQ.Suite 11.x Exchange/SMTP 31.10.2014
iQ.Suite 10.x Exchange/SMTP 31.12.2013
iQ.Suite 9.x Exchange/SMTP 31.12.2012


Crypt Pro KeyManager

KeyManager 6.2.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2023
KeyManager 6.1.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2022
KeyManager 6.0.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2021
KeyManager 5.2.x/5.3 Windows/Linux 31.12.2020
KeyManager 5.0.x/5.1 Windows/Linux 31.12.2019
KeyManager 4.5.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2017
KeyManager 4.0.x/4.1.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2016
KeyManager 3.5.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2015
KeyManager 3.0.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2014


Update Manager

Update Manager 7.1 Windows 31.12.2022
Update Manager 7.0 Windows 31.12.2021
Update Manager 6.x Windows 31.12.2020
Update Manager 5.x Windows 31.12.2019
Update Manager 4.x Windows 31.12.2018
Update Manager 3.x Windows 31.12.2017
Update Manager 2.0 Windows 31.12.2016


iQ.Suite WebCrypt

iQ.Suite WebCrypt 12.0.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2022
iQ.Suite WebCrypt 11.1.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2021
iQ.Suite WebCrypt 10.0.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2020
iQ.Suite WebCrypt 9.2.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2019
iQ.Suite WebCrypt 8.2.x Windows/Linux 31.12.2018

iQ.Suite Store

iQ.Suite Store 5.x Windows 31.12.2011

*EOS = End of service