Top 10 tips against data theft

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How to successfully prevent data loss

The topic of data protection is being intensely discussed long before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force. No wonder, because the intrinsic value of a company consists not only of expensive infrastructure, production facilities or capital. In fact, the business-critical information such as customer data, supplier lists, patents and know-how is what differentiates you from your competitors. Hackers and data thieves have realized this since a long time ago and are trying to steal your digital gold with more and more sophisticated attacks.

In this eBook, we give you 10 important tips to help you effectively stop malicious and accidental data leakage.

In this eBook you will learn

  • What is the foundation of a holistic DLP strategy
  • What a role plays malware in data loss and what is the current threat situation
  • Why stand-alone solutions quickly reach their limits
  • What criteria should be taken into account when identifying phishing emails
  • How to establish a second safety net with a four-eyes principle review
  • What a role play encryption solutions in data protection
  • Which popular software products have the most critical vulnerabilities
  • Which "soft factors" play an important role


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