iQ.Suite Store Pro – central server load reduction


Reduction of your email server und inboxes

Mailboxes that are full to capacity can be a nuisance for employees. Not only do they delay workflows, but in the worst cases they can cause data loss or lead to customer inquiries going unanswered. This commonly leads to employees deleting emails or saving them locally, which is not in the company’s best interest. Full mailboxes also create further problems, such as output losses in the infrastructure caused by the redundant storage of email attachments, or problems with time frames in data backups.


If you wish to implement archiving in a legally secure way while relieving strain on your mailboxes, you need a smart solution. This smart solution is iQ.Suite Store Pro. It carries out server-based archiving at a central location. Full mailboxes are finally a thing of the past. An easily configurable system enables you to define flexible rules with which you can establish when and how emails are archived. Company-wide automation can thus be quickly defined. You can also provide the user with archiving options directly in the email client. For us, single-instance archiving is a standard feature. Thereby, you avoid saving emails and attachments in duplicate. What's more, through the integration of iQ.Suite Watchdog and iQ.Suite Wall, you can ensure that only virus- and spam-free, company-related emails are stored.

Your benefits

  • Rule-based email and attachment archiving
  • Centralized archiving reduces costs and saves resources
  • Minimization of necessary backup time frames at the server level
  • Conversion of body and attachments to TIF & PDF
  • Saving of metadata and individual keywords
  • Synchronous recovery and archive queries
  • Low-cost archiving at the file level
  • A number of search options
  • Offline availability for mobile users
  • Synchronous recovery and archive query
  • Freely configurable, automated deletion periods
  • Compressed archiving
  • Detailed statistics