Highly Secure Communication with Customers and Partners

Highly secure email encryption can be so simple. With iQ.Suite Crypt Pro, you can realize central encryption and decryption on your email server based on the industry standards S/MIME and PGP. Unlike client based methods, no installation on the end user's workstation is necessary and your employees will not be confronted with the technical aspects of encryption.

With iQ.Suite Crypt Pro, you protect not only your external but also your internal email communication. The flexible rules allow you to adjust the entire encryption process to your specific requirements and guarantee compliance with legal requirements, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

And with the integrated key and certificate management, managing keys and certificates is child's play, even in complex environments.

iQ.Suite Crypt Pro seamlessly integrates with iQ.Suite PDFCrypt, the encryption solution for secure and easy B2C encryption. In the central set of rules, you can easily specify which encryption method should be applied in which situation.

The Highlights at a Glance

Central encryption Server based, central email encryption Protection of the entire email communicationCommunicate securely with external and internal recipients Highly secure encryption methods Supports industry standards S/MIME, PGP and GnuPG
Easy management Easy administration of the central encryption policies as well as automatic key and certificate management Integrated key and certificate management Central, multi-tenant management of keys and certificates, including import, export and backup functions, integration of existing PKI structures, etc. Flexible rules & full control Encryption control based on sender-recipient constellations, groups, domains or email content
Easy to use End users do not have to deal with encryption/decryption because the entire process runs on the server. No installation on client devices or employee training is therefore required Compliance with regulations Server based approach guarantees continuous compliance with regulations such as the GDPR Platform independenceAvailable for Office 365, MS Exchange/SMTP and HCL Notes/Domino

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