Secure and Easy Communication with any Recipient

iQ.Suite PDFCrypt enables you to securely and easily send emails to communication partners, who do not have their own encryption solution. Thanks to the AES-256 Bit PDF encryption standard used, iQ.Suite PDFCrypt achieves the balance between security and user-friendliness – with no keys, certificates or software installation on the recipient's side.

The process is amazingly simple: The email, including all file attachments, is automatically converted into an encrypted PDF file and sent to the recipient. All file attachments remain in their original format.

Central password management makes it possible to automatically generate a password and, if desired, send it directly to the recipient. Alternatively, the sender can request that the password is delivered to him, and then he can send it to the recipient over the phone or SMS, for example.


The recipient can then use his password and a PDF reader to open the encrypted PDF file in the mail client and on any end device, read the message and access the attached files.

iQ.Suite PDFCrypt also seamlessly integrates with iQ.Suite Crypt Pro, the encryption solution for highly secure B2B encryption. In the central set of rules, you can easily specify which encryption method should be applied in which situation.

The Highlights at a Glance

Central PDF based encryption Based on AES-128 Bit and AES-256 Bit encryption standards Secure email communication without keys and certificates Confidential email correspondence without PGP, S/MIME or PKI structures Flexible rules & full control Automatic encryption on the email server based on sender-recipient constellations, groups, domains or email content
Password management made simple Integrated password management with automatic password delivery to the recipient or sender and with the option that the sender manually assigns the password Easy to use End users do not have to deal with encryption because the entire process runs on the server. No installation on client devices or employee training is therefore required Convenient for the recipient The recipient does not need to install any additional software, but can read the encrypted email in PDF format from any end device and mail client. He only needs a PDF reader and the delivered password
Device-independent usable The recipient can access the encrypted email and the file attachment in their original format from any device and mail client Compliance with regulations Server based approach guarantees continuous compliance with regulations such as the GDPR Platform independence Available for Office 365, MS Exchange/SMTP and HCL Notes/Domino

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