iQ.Suite – legally safe email management

Email Security

Email Security

Improve data protection and protect yourself from viruses and spam

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Email Archiving

Email Archiving

Comply with statutory regulations and relieve the load on your mailboxes

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Email productivity

Email Productivity

Put an end to the flood of emails and improve productivity

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Apps & WebClient

Apps & WebClient

Keep track of your emails, anytime and anywhere

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All kinds of information are shared across the world via email, from contracts to quotes and invoices. No other medium is as fast or efficient in everyday use. Yet the use of email gives rise to numerous legal and operational requirements that companies need to consider. Issues regarding secure and legally compliant email use must therefore be taken into account. The required efficiency and productivity can only be ensured via a central process-oriented email communication management system.

To meet these needs, we offer a comprehensive email management package combining all of the elements necessary to achieve email compliance. From virus and spam protection to encryption, exclusion of liability and legally secure archiving, it covers all the aspects of a universal email management solution.

Centralized email management with iQ.Suite

Needless to say, our solution supports the leading email platforms: HCL Domino and Microsoft Exchange/SMTP as well as a connection to Office 365. It focuses on the central management of all email communication, without requiring any interaction on the part of the end user. For you, this means a central email business process that satisfies legal and operational requirements. For us, it is only natural that it features connections with modern social business platforms and collaboration systems, such as HCL Connections and Microsoft SharePoint.

Your benefits
Defense against cyber attacks

Effective defense against cyber attacks

central management

Highly efficient thanks to central management

legal requirements

Easily adaptable to company and legal requirements

modular architecture

Modular architecture increases flexibility

available under IBM Domino and MSX

Platform independent available under HCL Domino and Microsoft Exchange/SMTP

integrate social business

Integrate social business, cloud and mobility

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