Mobile quarantine management

The iQ.Suite Quarantine app provides maximum flexibility for your quarantine management. As a user of iQ.Suite Watchdog and Wall, you are able to use the iQ.Suite quarantine via app on your mobile devices – anywhere and at any time.

  • Access the iQ.Suite quarantines, quickly and easily
  • Move emails from the quarantine to your inbox
  • Manage blacklists and whitelists
  • Filter by quarantine or date
  • Search by subject, sender, date


  • Redesign for quick and effortless operation
  • Execute actions for individual or multiple emails easily
  • Sample data for offline use available
  • Create and edit user profiles efficiently
  • Convenient distribution of user profiles
iQ.Suite Quarantine App

Please note:

The app contains local demo data. With this data you can easily test the handling of the app. The productive use of the iQ.Suite Quarantine app requires a valid corporate license for mobile and web-based access to your iQ.Suite with a current maintenance agreement.

If you do not have a license, please contact us at