Flexible email management – now web-based

The iQ.Suite WebClient enables you to access your iQ.Suite from anywhere and at any time. You are able to use iQ.Suite via WebClient with any browser. Thanks to state-of-the-art web technologies the user interface flexibly adapts to any screen size.

The iQ.Suite Cockpit module allows user to check the status of their entire email communication at a dashboard. The company wide usage of safe and legally compliant email communication becomes transparent and safety measures can be initiated as early as possible.

Current iQ.Suite installation, email processing,virus scan and quarantine statistics, as well as updates and the individual infrastructure load, can be displayed. Individually configurable, the overview includes modifiable settings for time frame analysis, showing virus scan statistics for the last 24 hours, for example. These statistics can be presented visually using various types of diagrams and exported as a CSV file.

Screenshot WebClient Cockpit
iQ.Suite WebClient Cockpit
Screenshot WebClient Monitoring Widgets
iQ.Suite WebClient Monitoring Widgets
Screenshot WebClient Trailer preview
iQ.Suite WebClient Trailer preview

The following features are available with WebClient

  • Access to iQ.Suite quarantines for users and administrators
  • Extended filter options for administrators by sender, job-type and time period
  • Check and release emails by four-eyes principle
  • Check status of entire email communication at a glance for administrators
  • Create and manage different dashboards
  • Check iQ.Suite installation, email processing, current virus scan statistics, updates
  • Save dashboards in user profile centrally
  • Edit and preview email trailers
  • Absence management (with iQ.Suite Clerk*)
  • Preview of absence notifications*
  • Available in German and English
  • Usable on all smartphones and tablets

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