iQ.Suite Connect – the smart link to social business


Connect the social business platforms IBM Connections und Microsoft SharePoint

More and more companies are opting for new opportunities offered by social business platforms. But until now, email communication was not linked to these platforms. However, when it comes to improving the acceptance of social business within companies, the integration of email is an important aspect. This not only allows you to provide your employees with innovative options, but also to create added value in the use of social business platforms.


When it comes to combining email communication with social business and collaboration platforms, iQ.Suite Connect is the ideal solution. It enables the storage of email attachments in the leading social business platforms Microsoft SharePoint and HCL Connections. Automated processes with smart classification of business-related content ensure the required level of efficiency. Consequently, file attachments in emails are replaced by links or references to the storage location. Integrated mechanisms prevent the duplicated storage of identical email attachments in social business systems. What's more: in combination with iQ.Suite Watchdog and iQ.Suite Wall, it ensures that only virus- and spam-free emails are stored.

Your benefits

  • Centralized storage in social business systems saves time and costs
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Added value through the combination of email and social business
  • Automated processes
  • Avoids storing files in duplicate
  • Reduced server load when sending large file attachments