iQ.Suite Convert – automated conversion of email attachments


Automatic conversion of email attachments to PDF

Employees often send files by email. This presents challenges for the data protection, legal security and efficiency of email systems. Among other difficulties, problems in handling can arise due to the countless file formats used. Documents in email attachments often contain confidential information such as hidden document history, user data and macros. And that's not all! The well-known Office formats such as .doc, .xls and .ppt allow content to be covertly manipulated. A solution that standardizes formats while improving tamper-proofing promises to remedy these issues.


iQ.Suite Convert is the solution for server-based conversion of email attachments. With its completely automated processes, no user interaction is necessary. A flexible and rule-based management system enables the user to determine which attachments need to be converted. Using this tool, conversions to PDF and PDF/A, as well as the optional inclusion of watermarks, are a breeze. And if you often send large file attachments, iQ.Suite Convert is on hand to automatically compress your email attachments into a ZIP file.

Your benefits

  • Improved data protection and compliance when sending email attachments
  • Prevents disclosure of unwanted information (e.g., Office document histories)
  • Relieves the infrastructure (networks, mailboxes, backup, etc.)
  • Easy operation and administration when compared to client-based methods
  • No installation on local workstations
  • No user training required
  • Supports Domino and Microsoft Exchange
  • Seamless integration into the iQ.Suite email management platform