FewClix – fast and efficient access to your emails


Quickly prioritize, find and organize your emails

If you often work with email, you'll notice that as IBM Notes mailboxes fill up, it becomes harder to find or prioritize emails. This not only costs valuable time, but can also be a cause of stress. As a result, productivity suffers and content searches prove difficult or even impossible. But, this does not have to be the case.


FewClix improves productivity within daily email usage. Instead of wasting time searching, FewClix helps you find content quickly and easily since it seamlessly integrates into IBM Notes Client. This facilitates use and makes FewClix an indispensable companion for daily life. User behavior analyses show that with FewClix employees save up to 30 minutes per day when searching for emails. This solution takes it one step further: it also enables users to prioritize and organize emails. This means that your most important emails remain constantly in view.

Your benefits

  • Important functions for IBM Notes Client without any further expenses
  • Higher productivity and effectiveness of employees
  • Improved economic efficiency of your IBM Notes investment
  • Quick locating, prioritizing and organizing of emails
  • Seamless integration with IBM Notes Client
  • Easy filtering of call notifications

For more information, please visit www.fewclix.com