iQ.Suite WebCrypt Live – email encryption as a service


Email encrytion as SaaS or out of the cloud

Even though many of our clients understand the dangers surrounding data protection when exchanging information, the integration of comprehensive encryption is often difficult to implement. If your resources are limited and you do not wish to use an encryption solution within your own infrastructure, then iQ.Suite WebCrypt Live is the answer. With iQ.Suite WebCrypt Live, confidential email communication is possible as Software as a Service (SaaS).


Without the use of keys and certificates, iQ.Suite WebCrypt Live provides confidential email communication with communication partners that do not have their own encryption solution. The UBL data processing center in Frankfurt, Germany guarantees reliable and safe operation. Thanks to modern mechanisms, iQ.Suite WebCrypt Live can be deployed immediately and is available to corporations in no time. In this context, both the access to our solution and the maintenance of data receive optimum protection. For you, this means compliance with the highest security standards and optimal safeguarding against failures.

Your benefits

  • Quick and simple use of email encryption
  • Operation in highly secure UBL data processing centers
  • Secure and confidential email correspondence without PGP, S/MIME or PKI structures
  • No additional installations required on the part of your communication partners
  • Can be deployed immediately and scaled to suit your needs
  • Central, integrated and automated user management
  • Web-based interface facilitates use of any browsers
  • Can be adapted to the company's corporate design
  • No changes to email routing required
  • Supports Apple iOS and Android