Future Technology at CeBIT 2011: GBS takes Lotus to the Cloud


2011-03-01 09:00:00

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New opportunities through automated application delivery in the cloud and modernization of Domino applications



Frankfurt, 26 January 2011 – Placed under the motto “Work and Life with the Cloud“, this year’s CeBIT is putting the focus on the field of cloud computing, to be made available in Hannover, Germany, to a wide professional audience from all over the world from 1-5 March 2011. As a matter of fact, cloud computing has long evolved from a hype to a serious business segment, as will be demonstrated by the Lotus experts from GBS. Having laid a solid foundation with their strong commitment to the Lotus market and major investments in cloud services, GBS will showcase their products under the slogan “Taking Lotus to the Cloud” in hall 2 at stand B20 as well as at the IBM partner stand 126 in the Cloud Zone.


“At CeBIT 2011, we will present our fully automatable cloud solutions and most recent developments for the Lotus market”, said Andreas Richter, Director Marketing Europe at GBS. In this context, GROUP Live, the award-winning cloud computing platform for companies and software vendors, promises to be a special highlight. To illustrate the platform’s versatility and efficiency, two GBS business partners will demonstrate their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions running on the GROUP Live cloud platform, namely Forcont Business Technology GmbH, an expert for system integration and document-centered applications, and Solvito GmbH, a specialist in CRM solutions.


“A further highlight is the new GBS Transformer, a tool that makes the automated modernization and conversion of Lotus Domino applications to web-enabled and cloud-capable XPages applications seem like child’s play”, explains Andreas Richter. A number of new options are also available in the field of messaging: With WebCrypt from the cloud, the CeBIT visitors will have a first-time-ever opportunity to learn something about email encryption from the cloud and experience how easy managing keys and certificates in the email world can be with iQ.Suite KeyManager. Further innovations will be presented in the fields of email monitoring and email reporting as well as instant messaging control. Also, a topic-oriented workplace will be available exclusively for banks and insurance companies.


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