Unlock the business value of your Notes and Domino data

Organizations store a wealth of enterprise data in their IBM Notes and Domino applications. While the Domino framework enables users to collaborate securely via information presented in views, it does not provide them the capability to visualize their data or transform data into actionable intelligence.

Not surprisingly, IT teams are under constant pressure to convert large volumes of valuable data into meaningful insights for their business users. To overcome these limitations, IT teams and business users export Notes view data to spreadsheets, compromising the security and integrity of the data.

A small additional investment in GBS’ IntelliPRINT offerings can not only help add cutting-edge technology to Notes and Domino applications, but also drive spectacular results for the enterprise.

IntelliPrint Reporting

IntelliPrint Reporting

Advanced and intelligent IBM Notes reporting

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IntelliPrint Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard Reporting

Integrated dashboards for IBM Domino applications

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IntelliPrint Analytics

IntelliPrint Analytics

Interactive data analysis for IBM Notes Domino

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IBM Notes and Domino reporting with IntelliPRINT

IntelliPRINT is the world's leading reporting, dashboards and analysis solution for IBM Notes and Domino applications. IntelliPRINT solutions provide business users with advanced, interactive and user-driven reporting and analysis capabilities.

A visually appealing and usable information interface motivates end users to invest significantly more effort in their Notes applications, literally unlocking their business value. As a result, enterprises achieve superior and extended returns on their investments in IBM Notes applications and infrastructure!

IntelliPRINT solutions are so easy to deploy and use that most business users can begin using their first reports within MINUTES of deployment – one of the most aggressive "time-to-value" measures in the enterprise IT industry!

IntelliPRINT solutions also deliver among the most aggressive ROI periods in the industry – less than 30 days in most cases!

The IntelliPRINT advantage

Maximizes productivity of business users and IT teams

  • Eliminates time and effort invested in providing users with actionable information, thereby maximizing the productivity of the IT team
  • Multiplies the productivity of business users by providing them on-demand and interactive information for decision-making

Minimizes costs associated with providing business insights to users

  • Eliminates IT overhead associated with making Notes and Domino data available to business users
  • Eliminates the manual effort and cost associated with exporting and reporting from Notes data

Exponentially increases the returns on Notes and Domino investments

  • Maximizes the value that is derived from Notes and Domino applications by unlocking the business value of the data available
  • Delivers extremely aggressive "time to value" (minutes) and ROI (days) to IT teams