IntelliPRINT Analytics

Analytics overview

The primary window into the data in Notes and Domino applications is the information presented in Notes views. This method is easy-to-use for users and is within the Notes and Domino paradigm, offering collaboration capabilities and ensuring robust ACL-based data security. However, users are restricted only to the data representation that is predefined in the view.

To overcome this limitation, users export Notes view data to spreadsheets and manipulate the data in the spreadsheet. Apart from posing significant overhead, exporting Notes data to spreadsheets leads to the loss of native Notes access control.

IntelliPRINT Analytics is a native data analysis solution designed specifically for end users of IBM Notes and Domino applications that enables users to perform all the data manipulation they do in spreadsheets within the Notes View itself! IntelliPRINT Analytics enables end users to transform any Notes view into an interactive analysis view with a single click. Ends users can model data to reflect current business situations with a drag-and-drop interface, visualize data in the form of charts and analyze real-time data, all in a fraction of the time taken to do the same using spreadsheets. All of this is accomplished by end users with little or no training and without placing any overhead on IT! By empowering business users to instantly control their information needs, IntelliPRINT Analytics delivers an aggressive “time-to-value” period of just days!

Key benefits

Significantly improves business user productivity

  • Instantly transforms static Notes and Domino views into dynamic grid-based views that business users can interact with, without dependence on IT teams

Enables rapid and informed decisions in real-time

  • Enables business users to modify their analysis models to suit dynamic business situations
  • Extremely well suited for on-demand ad-hoc visualization and analysis

Minimizes IT overhead

  • Simple to use; requires limited or no training
  • Self-serve interactivity and analysis for users

Ensures data security

  • Native to Notes and Domino
  • Leverages all native Notes functionality, including ACL definitions

Significantly enhances returns on current Notes and Domino infrastructure and application investments

  • Helps unlock and maximize the value of Notes and Domino data for business users

Deploying IntelliPRINT Analytics

  • IntelliPRINT Analytics for Notes: gives business users the flexibility to rapidly transform Notes views into interactive views with unparalleled ease INSIDE the Notes client; IntelliPRINT Analytics leverages all native Notes functionality, including ACL definitions, and can be launched from the actions menu, bookmarks or the IBM Notes workspace
  • IntelliPRINT Analytics for Domino: enables business users to instantly visualize and analyze data hosted on a Domino server; it leverages the Notes and Domino ACL framework and users can only view the data they have access to