IntelliPRINT Reporting

An advanced and intelligent IBM Domino Notes reporting solution

Most businesses create and distribute pre-formatted, standard business reports, such as sales reports, employee reports, inventory reports, financial statements and production reports (e.g., invoices, purchase orders, etc.). Organizations constantly create and modify these reports to meet varied and changing business needs. Be it adding or modifying visual elements (e.g., charts, graphs, etc.) or tables (e.g., pivots, cross-tabs, etc.), organizations are continuously trying to maximize the effectiveness of information dissemination to their users.

Generating reports from Notes views helps business users review data within their applications. However, users are restricted to how data is presented in their views and are not supported with advanced data visualization to suit their unique business situations.

The view-based framework of Notes is often found to be limiting and any form of Lotus reporting requires writing of lengthy code using LotusScript or exporting data to vulnerable external tools. While using LotusScript overcomes a few limitations of using Notes views, it is resource and time intensive and significantly increases IT dependence for business users.

To eliminate the waiting time involved with using LotusScript, business users export Notes data to external spreadsheet tools that give them flexibility. However, these Lotus Notes reporting tools are not native to the Notes framework, resulting in loss of data integrity and security. This compels duplication of the same spreadsheet to replicate native Notes ACL definitions, leading to significant data integrity, redundancy and inconsistency issues.

IBM Domino Notes reporting with IntelliPRINT

IntelliPRINT Reporting is an advanced native Lotus reporting solution that enables enterprises to deliver high-quality reports with industry-leading visualization capabilities within the collaborative Notes framework.

Report designers can easily create pre-formatted standard and regulatory reports. The Lotus Notes reporting design tool enables developers to include graphics and other design elements in their reports. IntelliPRINT Reporting extends the functionality of the Notes client by delivering users the capability to work seamlessly with their email, applications and reports. The Lotus reporting tool also delivers an aggressive “time-to-value” period of just days!

Key benefits of IBM Domino Notes reporting

Helps business users unlock the business value of Notes data

  • Delivers an extensive array of industry-leading visualization capabilities
  • Enables seamless report delivery to users within the context of their Notes application, greatly enhancing usage efficiency and productivity

Significant productivity improvement for both business users and IT teams

  • Easy-to-use and GUI-driven functions enable rapid report creation
  • Reduces report creation effort by up to 80%

Delivers the ability to leverage all native Notes capabilities, including ACLs

  • Native to Notes: leverages secure and collaborative Notes framework

Rapid and informed decisions for business users to meet dynamic business needs

  • Rapidly transforms Notes data into actionable information

Attractive TCO and rapid ROI

  • Minimal IT overhead, ease-of-deployment and ease-of-use ensures a low TCO and rapid ROI

Deploying IntelliPRINT Reporting

  • IntelliPRINT Reporting – Designer (desktop solution): enables report designers to rapidly create and deploy standard and parameterized reports and charts for Lotus Notes databases with real-time and parameterized data INSIDE the Lotus Notes client
  • IntelliPRINT Reporting – Viewer (desktop solution): allows business users to instantly view pre-defined reports and charts from specified Lotus Notes views as new tabs INSIDE the Lotus Notes client

IBM Domino Notes reporting challenges: Notes views, LotusScript and spreadsheets