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iQ.Suite aaS

For years, GBS iQ.Suite has been one of the leading Enterprise Email Management platforms that provides one of the most comprehensive sets of security features and capabilities on the market. It covers both Domino and Exchange and integrates seamlessly with any other email solution through SMTP. For over 25 years, iQ.Suite has been enabling our customers to apply the desired level of security to their on-premises email solutions.

But times are changing: more and more companies are moving the email service to Cloud, and especially to Office 365. GBS has long recognized this shift and introduced iQ.Suite as a Service – a cloud-based security service that provides the necessary enterprise-class security to customers who are moving to O365 or are already there.

Although O365 has some great security mechanisms and policies, they are rarely flexible and customizable enough for most mid-sized and enterprise companies to apply and enforce their own policies, processes and security controls. With iQ.Suite as a Service, we provide companies with the opportunity to adopt a holistic email security platform without any compromise, and at the same time to regain the control which the Cloud is restricting.

"iQ.Suite as a Service" brings unique and powerful functionality from the on-premises world to on-cloud customers and allows them to quickly and cost-effectively enjoy the same benefits, security, visibility and control. Simply connect your Office 365 tenant to our service within minutes.

iQ.Suite as a Service Packages:

File-type recognition and control
Define the file-types that are allowed to be transferred over email in all communication directions – incoming, outgoing and internal - and apply your company policy. We use intelligent methods to identify the file-type, regardless of the file extension. Based on that information, different policies can be applied, including saving the attachment to SharePoint.
Anti-malware protection, with embedded Sophos engine
Malware is the ultimate way to gain control of corporate data and/or resources. As part of our package, we provide, a built-in malware scanning engine that ensures the standard level of protection is in place. But our customers can enhance that further and add up to 4 scanning engines in a cascaded mode.
Content Recognition with the ability to apply DLP policies
Data is the new gold, and the first step in deciding how to use is to be able to identify it. We can find sensitive, classified, personal, financial or other custom-defined data and track its flow, define DLP policies, and perform many other actions that are content-oriented and content-driven.
Anti-Spam protection, with embedded Sophos engine
Our approach to identifying unwanted content (SPAM) is a combination of proven SPAM detection engines and our powerful content-recognition technology. As part of our package, we provide one SPAM detection engine as built-in, but customers can also decide to use our second option to get higher protection.
Dynamic signature/disclaimer management
Email signatures/disclaimers are often used for legal purposes, but our solution enables customers to achieve much more. You can define multiple signatures depending on whether this is internal or external communication, whether you have a campaign-driven content you need to include, etc. And all this is configured by the user or a specific team (e.g. Marketing) without the need to involve IT.
Dynamic and centralized Out-of-Office functionality
It often happens that people forget to enable O-O-O in their emails. This could lead to missed business opportunities, decrease in customer satisfaction, failing to comply with partner/customer expectations and many more implications. The ability to activate this in a more centralized way, with options to do it “On behalf” allows our customers to avoid the above. They can even activate it retro-actively for emails already received by the absentee.
Easy-to-use email message encryption (clientless)
Encryption is a powerful method to prevent unauthorized access to personal, sensitive or financial data. Unfortunately, it is relatively difficult to configure and maintain or to use by the end users. Our solution provides customers with an easy-to-setup, easy-to-use, intuitive encryption mechanism that can be user-initiated or data-initiated or both, based on the customer’s policies and requirements.
Protection from active content in trusted sources
Email has become a business-critical system over the past few years. Very often, in order to ensure that email flow is not disrupted, we “trust” external parties, removing most of the protection mechanisms we enforce. This opens a huge and uncontrollable gap in the email security. Our solution can help by identifying active content in such communication and delivering it safely to our internal users.
Powerful and intuitive Server-to-Server encryption with PGP or S/MIME
There are occasions when we treat communication with several external partners as confidential. This requires that all emails sent to and coming from such entities are encrypted. Such responsibility should not be left to the end users, so we can set up Server-to-Server encryption. Depending on the other party, this could be PGP or S/MIME, both of which we support.
Centralized certificate and key management (clientless)
Some encryption technologies and the ability to sign emails require managing security certificates. This is typically a nightmare for most organizations, but with our centralized Key Management feature you can do that in an easy and centralized manner.
User-behavior analysis and 4-eye principle for sensitive data
Some data leakage scenarios cannot be identified just by the content. People are supposed to use, exchange and transfer data, but based on their behavior patterns, suspicious activities can be detected and appropriate action taken. With this email flow analytics feature, we are also introducing the 4-eye principle to enable customers to configure a “higher authority” that can decide when the algorithm is uncertain.
Integration & automation with SharePoint Online for storing emails + attachments
In many cases, business files are sent via email and left in the user’s inbox. Our solution helps customers automate the process of storing files in a corporate space, allowing them to improve their internal processes and reduce the size of the mailboxes without compromising user experience. In addition, companies can also store emails in a third-party location for archiving purposes.

The Highlights at a Glance

Detect Insider Threat we are checking not only incoming and outgoing communication, but also internal one, to ensure that you are well covered Retro-Active Scanning scan not only data in-motion, but also data at rest (e.g. mails in the inbox). with our retro-active scanning, which allows you to scan your mailboxes with the latest possible malware definitions.
Wrong Recipient Protection the combination of our content recognition capabilities and unique encryption methodology ensures that you never again send critical data to the wrong recipient by accident Content-Driven Encryption encrypt your email communication based on the data it contains, its recipient, and/or at the sender’s initiative
Active-Content Removal remove active content from attachments to prevent that even trusted and whitelisted domains from being used to harm your users and organization Dynamic Email Signature ensure emails from your organization are amended by the proper contact details and legal disclaimers, but also be able to manage them dynamically and centrally in order to support campaign-driven initiatives
Real out-of-office management don’t let unpredicted absence risk your business relationship and enable out-of-office flow and notifications, even retro-actively Business Email CompromiseCombine intelligent content-driven security with rules and internal processes to protect your organization from the growing threat of BEC.


Supreme Malware ProtectionOur proprietary mechanism integrates with up to 4 of the industry leading malware detection engines, to provide maximum security for your organization Superb SPAM detection and protection In addition to our intelligent content-recognition software, we integrate with two leading anti-spam solutions to minimize the risk of spam reaching end users
Easy-to-use email encryption Enjoy one of the most intuitive email encryption solutions on the market, providing both policy-based and user-initiated encryption in a combination with exceptional ease of use. Content-driven security Content is everything and we recognize this by providing you with a content recognition masterpiece that meets your exact needs and expectations in terms of incoming, outgoing or even internal email communication
Enhanced productivityStrengthen your company’s presence by enforcing standardized and/or dynamic email disclaimers/signatures that can even support your marketing/sales campaigns Apply business policies to email communication Create and apply business-oriented policies in order to ensure company and regulatory rules are followed and enforced

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