iQ.Suite 360 Threat Protection
for SharePoint

Multi-level Malware Protection for SharePoint

iQ.Suite 360 Threat Protection for SharePoint is a service of iQ.Suite 360, which enables companies to protect their SharePoint environment from malware in a compliant way and in line with Microsoft's recommendations.

Relying on one scanning engine is risky, therefore we are introducing cascaded malware scanning mechanisms for reliable recognition and even greater protection.

It is often a burden to scan files in real-time, as this may lead to delays in user operations, which leads to frustration and business interruption. Our asynchronous scanning allows users to quickly upload their files, after which they are scanned and marked accordingly. Our scheduled scanning capability allows companies to perform complete SharePoint scans with the latest definitions, during non-peak hours of usage. Suspicious files can be placed in the iQ.Suite 360 quarantine for further investigation, rather than blocking or deleting them. All activities are logged and can easily be traced and reported on.

The Highlights at a Glance

Multi-level protection Multi-layered threat protection from malicious files via the use of multiple scan engines from well-known premium vendors 360° coverageProtecting of collaboration environment for internal users but also when external communication partners are accessing the platform Scheduled scanning Scanning of the whole SharePoint environment with the latest malware definitions in non-working hours
Versioning Full support of versioning document libraries to scan current and also older file version and therefore maximize protection Auditing and reporting Detailed and comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities enable necessary insights on the security environment to meet the requirements of the GDPR Attractive price model Easy, flexible, convenient and user based

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