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Using iQ.Suite Monitor within a Multi-Server Environment

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Within an IT infrastructure with multiple Microsoft Exchange or SMTP servers, iQ.Suite is installed and configured on every single server.

The quarantined email messages misguide the administrators to view them only on the dedicated server via the MMC. However, this costs a lot of time and you can save this time!

Access permission to the iQ.Suite Monitor

The iQ.Suite Monitor enables the iQ.Suite administrator to view the quarantine folder and its emails via the management console within a multi-server environment.

Please note the following:

Access permission to the iQ.Suite Monitor:

iQ.Suite > Basic Configuration > iQ.Suite Servers > Properties > Security

iQ.Suite Administrators

The iQ.Suite group "iQ.Suite Administrators" has permission to access other iQ.Suite servers via the iQ.Suite Monitor by default. Of course, other groups or users from the Microsoft Active Directory can also be explicitly given this permission!

Note: The iQ.Suite group "iQ.Suite Administrators" refers to administrators who have been configured in the "Address Settings" tab.

iQ.Suite Monitor log in, Username, Password

Authorized users have to log in with their UPN and user password to open the respective quarantined message.

Active Directory Users and Computers

The login information can be found within the "Active Directory Users and Computers" in the "Account" tab.


With the iQ.Suite WebClient, the iQ.Suite quarantined messages are displayed all together in one place within the web browser.

Last updated: 2 October 2018

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