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iQ.Suite Clerk App: Absence management for iOS & Android

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Absence management goes mobile

The iQ.Suite Clerk App is part of GBS’s iQ.Suite Email Management solution for IBM Domino. With the app, absence management becomes mobile. Activate out-of-office notices from anywhere by smartphone or tablet.

Using the app you can:

  • Edit existing clerk forwarding documents
  • Define absence duration
  • Configure and activate email forwarding
  • Access email address book to define forwarding addresses
  • Edit out-of-office notifications


Screen view

Depending on screen size and orientation, the app works in either smartphone or tablet mode. In tablet mode, the navigation bar is fixed; in smartphone mode, navigation is via menu.



Demonstration mode

For demonstrational purposes, sample data is used initially in the iQ.Suite Clerk App. This fictive data, which is stored in the app, is used to expedite and simplify familiarization with the functionality of the app. Because the sample data is stored locally, it can be used offline.

iQ.Suite Clerk on iOS
Sample Clerk document (iOS)
iQ.Suite Clerk on Android
Sample Clerk document (Android)
Refresh Clerk document screen

The Clerk document screen must be refreshed after switching from demo to productive mode, or in order to view documents recently created in the Notes client. Start the refresh with: „Pull to refresh“.

Refresh Clerk document screen (iOS)
Screen refresh (iOS)
Refresh Clerk document screen (Android)
Screen refresh (Android)


In order to use the Clerk App with real data from iQ.Suite for Domino, communication with the Domino server must be established.

The following information can be configured in the settings:

  • Domino user (in most cases email address)
  • Password of Domino user
  • Name of Domino server

In addition, it is possible to encrypt the app connection to the Domino-Server via SSL. The language can be selected „on the fly“ (German or English). Switch between demo and productive modes with the option „Use demo data“. Entries are saved automatically, which makes manual saving unnecessary.

Operating systems supported by iQ.Suite Clerk App
  • Android: Version 4.2 and higher
  • iOS: Version 7 and higher
Server system requirements
  • Suite Domino 18.0.1
  • Suite Clerk License
  • License for iQ.Suite WebClient

Last updated: 11 May 2016

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