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iQ.Suite Domino: Text Converter

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Earlier versions of iQ.Suite Domino used the “File to XML” und “XML to Text” converters. These are no longer documented but may still be included in iQ.Suite Domino configurations. “File to Text Converter” is installed and may be used instead.


As of iQ.Suite 19.0, the converters "File to XML Extractor" and "XML to Text Converter" as well as the corresponding DLLs ntk_d2xl.dll/tk_d2xl.dll bzw. ntk_x2tx.dll/tk_x2tx.dll are no longer provided.

The task of extracting text from files is performed by the “File to Text Converter” (ntk_oittext.dll/tk_oittext.dll). Jobs that use the “File to Text Converter” and search the text body or other text fields for terms from wordlists, should be converted to the Unicode Analyzer. Text extraction from email fields should be converted to UTF-8, so that non-ASCII characters can be identified, such as German umlauts (ä,ö,ü) for example.

Further information

This affects the following versions of iQ.Suite:

  • iQ.Suite for Domino Version 19.0 and higher

Last updated: 3 June 2016

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