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Monitor emails with iQ.Suite

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Emails are usually created, edited and sent all within a few seconds, making monitoring and problem analysis difficult. Keeping a cool head and not losing perspective is key!


Recent emails can be displayed in iQ.Suite without activating a new module via licensing.

Insert an additional tab in iQ.Suite Monitor:

iQ.Suite > iQ.Suite Monitor > Servers > <Servername> > Rechtsklick > All Tasks > Show/Hide Processed Emails


In a multi-server environment, the tab must be activated on every iQ.Suite Server. Subsequently, an additional tab “Processed Emails” appears in the iQ.Suite Monitor, under the iQ.Suite Reports:

Processed Emails

Within this tab, the last 20 emails processed by iQ.Suite are displayed. Emails can be quickly identified by time, sender, recipient or message ID:

Message ID

By double clicking, an additonal dialog window can be opened, giving you more information about the respective emails:

respective emails
Further information

The most recent emails can be monitored and the full processing protocol can be viewed with the iQ.Suite WebClient in the GBS Dashboard (cockpit):

iQ.Suite WebClient GBS Dashboard

Last updated: 7 March 2017

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