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GBS Support Collector: Collecting support data

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The email management solution iQ.Suite is ideally suited for simple or highly complex email scenarios and for everything in between. In cases where extremely individualized IT infrastructures present special challenges, our customers can always count on solution assistance from the GBS Support Team. Collecting the diverse and, above all, appropriate data for the GBS Support Team is a vital step toward ensuring a satisfactory outcome. Which information is needed, where is the information stored and how can it be retrieved and summarized?

The GBS Support Collector is the answer all of these questions. The pre-installed tool is perfect for simply and thoroughly collecting all the information needed when presenting a support query to the GBS Support Team.

Step by Step

In the event of a support request, in order to provide sufficient data to be analysed, it is helpful to activate the iQ.Suite logs within the Windows registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\GBS\iQ.Suite\Logging >> Enabled = 1

iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP Version 14 (64Bit)

To initiate collection of the data needed by the GBS Support Team with the iQ.Suite Support Collector:

Using Windows programs:

Start -> Programs -> GROUP Business Software -> iQ.Suite -> Support Collector

Using the iQ.Suite Management Console

iQ.Suite -> Basic Configuration -> Right mouse button-> All Tasks -> Start Support Collector

Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Exchange / SMTP, November 2015

The following information will be collected by the Support Collector Process:

  • Suite configuration file
  • Suite log files
  • Suite license files
  • Microsoft Event Viewer Log (iQ.Suite)
  • Registry entries (iQ.Suite)
  • Minidump files
  • System information (RAM / HDD)
  • Installed applications
  • Environment variables
  • File system report: Contains information pertaining to iQ.Suite executable files and MDB files

The information collected by the Support Collector will be returned to the GBS Support Team in a ZIP file.

The ZIP file is saved under the following file path by default:

C:\Program Files\GBS\iQ.Suite\Support\ (iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP Version 14 (64Bit))

If "Support" directory does not exist, ZIP file will be saved under the following file path:

C:\Program Files\GBS\iQ.Suite\Bin (iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP Version 14 (64Bit))

Please send the ZIP file generated by the iQ.Support Collector with a brief description to the GBS Support Team at

Last updated: 11 May 2016

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