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Checking attachments in PDFs with iQ.Suite

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Sending files via email is an everyday process for all companies and private users. These files can be recognized and blocked as necessary with iQ.Suite, to prevent attackers from compromising the system. But what happens to attachments inside PDFs?

Scan inside PDF attachments

iQ.Suite version 16 now provides the option of treating file attachments inside PDFs as an archive. Embedded attachments are extracted and can for example be made subject to file restrictions with iQ.Suite Watchdog using fingerprint technology.

This requires the following steps:

iQ.Suite > Basic Configuration > iQ.Suite Servers > Properties > General

As soon as this option is selected, attachments in PDFs will be checked and are subject to the corresponding file restriction through an iQ.Suite Watchdog filter job.


Of course, the value of the maximum extracted archive levels (Default: 5) is also provided for good measure!

Last updated: 12 March 2018

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