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No more multiple emails in the “Sent items” folder

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iQ.Suite Trailer

The action "update sent items" was activated in iQ.Suite Trailer. Mails that were addressed to several recipients appear multiple times in the Sent folder in Outlook.


Use the checkbox "Generate only one copy for all split emails"to prevent mails with split mailing list from appearing more than once in the “Sent items” folder.

Set this checkbox in the iQ.Suite MMC.

Remove line breaks in Outlook
Further information
iQ.Suite WebClient Address Lists Steps

In this scenario, it is advisable in the Registry below EWSScan to set

DWORD: CopyToMailboxReplaceRecipientStrategy to 1.

Then all originally addressed recipients are displayed in the mailing list of the sent mail.

Last updated: 13 May 2020

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