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Display email signatures in outgoing emails

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Following legal regulations and a professional outward appearance are two important factors in business email communication. Most companies rely on server-based solutions, which have many advantages but also bring at least one major disadvantage: Email signatures are not displayed in the user’s outgoing mail.

Information Store Access Service installation

In order for email signatures to be updated in all user mailboxes, the following steps must be taken. The „iQ.Suite Information Store Access Service“, selected during installation, is needed.

iQ.Suite Services

A user with the corresponding rights must be created. The script for setting rights is found in the iQ.Suite directory: GBS\iQ.Suite\Support\Scripts 

iQ.Suite Server configuration

The newly created EWS user is registered for access in the global iQ.Suite server configuration:

Basic Configuration > Properties of iQ.Suite Servers > Exchange Access

The following setting must be made in order for an email signature to be written back into an outbound email by an iQ.Suite Trailer Job:

The action assistant provides several options for including the email signature in the outgoing mail.

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Last updated: 13 September 2017

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