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iQ.Suite PDFCrypt: Password transmission

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iQ.Suite PDFCrypt is an automatic, recipient independent email encryption solution for IBM Notes Domino, Microsoft Exchange, SMTP Gateways and Office 365. Emails are converted to a PDF file and attachments are embedded in the PDF file. The attachments are not altered and remain in their original format. The PDFs are then encrypted with up to 256 Bit AES and delivered to the recipient.

iQ.Suite PDFCrypt lets the sender transmit emails with confidential contents securely. The recipient only needs a PDF-Reader and the password, which is sent separately.

The minimum length and the complexity of the password can be defined in iQ.Suite’s password management. Complexity refers to the use of upper and lower case letters, numbers and/or special characters.

Different methods for password transmission and delivery can be chosen as listed below.


iQ.Suite offers various ways of transmitting passwords:

  • Password can be sent directly with the PDFCrypt Mail
  • Password can be sent separately in a notification mail
    • to the recipient of the PDFCrypt Mail
    • to the sender
    • to internal recipients/recipient groups (for example, dispatcher)
      Password can be transmitted using a different media form (for example, telephone, SMS text message).
  • Passwords can be sent as text or graphic (Captcha).
  • A notification mail may also contain only a mailto link, which can be used repeatedly to request a password. In this case, an automatic check takes place to ensure that the request is from the person for whom the password is intended. The password is only sent if the sender’s email addresses matches the requested password.
  • The separate password notification mail can be sent with a pre-defined time delay.
Further information

The link in the password request consists of the command and a key, encrypted and Base64 encoded. The key itself consists of the universal ID of the password documents and the universal ID of the email in the mailbox. The password request link has a DESX encryption.

Last updated: 14 December 2016

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