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Configuring McAfee Scan Engine in iQ.Suite

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How should McAfee Scan Engine be configured in iQ.Suite to ensure maximum protection?


We recommend using the default settings to ensure maximum protection with McAfee Scan Engine.

McAfee default parameter: (-maliciousapplications)

This parameter scans for potentially undesired programmes.

Some widespread programmes (such as password hackers or remote access utilities) can be used maliciously or pose a security threat. By using this parameter, the scan engine will also detect such files.

The McAfee Scan Engine uses heuristic analysis to identify new, unknown viruses by searching for similar patterns. We recommend not disabling this feature.

Recommended configuration

iQ.Suite for IBM Domino

iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP

Further Information

Blocking executable files

iQ.Suite can also be used to block executable files. Following iQ.Suite Watchdog scans, using several, different scanners to detect viruses, Trojans and other malware, undesired executable files can be detected and removed reliably, with the afflicted emails subsequently being placed in quarantine.

The iQ.Suite administrator can be notified of these events by email.

Last updated: 29 April 2016

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