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Process emails with iQ.Suite Multi-Tenant Version 18.0.2

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The following problems could occur with iQ.Suite Multi-Tenant Version 18.0.2:

Emails are not processed by iQ.Suite, i.e. the iQ.Suite Transport Agent does not accept the emails for processing.

TransportAgent.logs are not written - despite activated logging.

Emh.logs are written, but because the iQ.Suite Transport Agent does not work properly, it appears in emh.log as if no mails have been routed through the server.

Logs for EWS/DataCollector service are also not written.

When get-transportAgents are dropped in the Exchange Powershell, the iQ.Suite Transport Agent appears as enabled (as expected).

The Process Explorer shows that the De.Group.Util.Logging.dll does not appear below the EdgeTransport.exe.


Cause of the problem:

The file De.Group.Msx.Oem.Resource.resources is missing in the directory ...\iQ.Suite\bin.


Import the file De.Group.Msx.Oem.Resource.resources into the directory ...\iQ.Suite\bin

Then restart the Exchange Transport service and the iQ.Suite service.

Further information

In the next iQ.Suite version, the file De.Group.Msx.Oem.Resource.resources will no longer be used in the setup, and will be replaced with De.Group.Msx.Oem.dll to ensure a better update of the corresponding file.

Last updated: 24 September 2019

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