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iQ.Suite completely processes emails with external Internet recipients without the need of control

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In large Domino infrastructures it is not always possible to stop the router for a few minutes during regular working hours. However, sometimes this might be necessary for some tests so that the email to an external Internet recipient does not always have to be checked in order to see, whether the iQ.Suite job has processed the email correctly.


If you enter the parameter value in the email subject line, the "ToolKit_RemainDeadSubject" global parameter initiates a complete processing of the email by iQ.Suite. After that, the email remains in the mailbox of the server with the status HOLD/ERROR.

Please change to Global Parameters on the left side of the navigator settings in the Entry iQ.Suite database and use the button "New" to create a new global parameter of the type "General Global Parameter".

Enter the following values in the parameter:

Name:              GBS - Keep an email in HOLD/ERROR status

Status:             Active

Server              * (this will hold the email on every server it is being routed through)

Server exception

Key                  ToolKit_RemainDeadSubject

Value(s)            +++HOLD+++ (any other value can be entered here)

iQ.Suite Globale Parameter

If an email is sent and if its subject line contains "+++ HOLD +++" at some place, the email will remain in the mailbox of the server after it has been processed by iQ.Suite.

If the field “Number of mailboxes” in the Router/SMPT à Basics of the configuration settings is empty, this means that the server has only one mailbox ( If there is a number (e.g. 2) in this field, the server has two mailboxes respectively (, This has to be considered when searching for the email after processing.

configuration settings

This is an email in the mailbox of the server after processing:

email in server

Behind “error” is always the last job from your configuration. In this case, it is the wall address mail job "GBS - Collect Mails for CORE". It is important that you view the emails in the "MailGrabberState" view. There you can open them and see their contents.


Status Info:

Status Info
Standard View

In the standard view "Mail" you only see that the message has been held.

Standard View mail

Last updated: 28 March 2019

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