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Testing configured iQ.Suite jobs in a live environment - for IBM Notes

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In most cases, companies do not have a test environment. Yet how can the newly configured job be tested without disrupting the entire company's email traffic and making unwanted email changes?


The iQ.Suite installation comes with a set of standard rules.

These rules include a text rule called IsTestRequest.

iQ.Suite standard rules
iQ.Suite text rule

It contains the following: In the subject field (email subject line) there must be "<TEST>" somewhere.

If a job is to be configured now (for example, when an email is sent to the Internet), the following rules are entered in the job: LocalSender + InetRecipient + IsTestRequest.

Since the IstTestRequest rule was entered, the job will only start if a local sender sends an email to an Internet recipient with the text "<TEST>" in the subject line. Thus, only this email will be processed by the job and no further emails.

Here is an example with a trailer mail job:

Trailer Mail Job
The IsTestRequest rule can also be used to perform any other test on any module.

Last updated: 28 May 2019

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