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iQ.Suite – Treatment of non-recursive zip bombs

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In July 2019, several articles reported on non-recursive Zip bombs.,110030.html

A very efficient zip bomb unpacks more than 4.5 petabytes of data from a 46 MB archive.

This creation is a non-recursive variant. These compressed archives can be considered to be malware, since after unpacking, they can completely fill the entire hard disk and thus eventually cause a system crash, if the system is not prepared.


The iQ.Suite is not affected by the problem described above and protects against the unpacking of such Zip bombs.


Security with iQ.Suite:

The integrated AV scanner and unpacker with defined unpacking depths and size limitations ensure more safety by aborting the unpacking process and sending error messages.

Further information

Please note:

iQ.Suite Domino


In the default configuration, there is no limit for the unpacked size.

If necessary, change the size limitations according to your system environment or specifications.


Unpacker - optional parameter in the Settings tab:

max-expanded-size -


-- max-expanded-size=100000000

Last updated: 16.07.2019

Last updated: 29 July 2019

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