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iQ.Suite PDFCrypt – PDF-based Email Encryption

How does email encryption with iQ.Suite PDFCrypt work? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: Text Converter

Earlier versions of iQ.Suite Domino used the “File to XML” und “XML to Text” converters. These are no longer documented but may still be included in iQ.Suite Domino configurations. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Clerk App: Absence management for iOS & Android

The iQ.Suite Clerk App is part of GBS’s iQ.Suite Email Management solution for IBM Domino. With the app, absence management becomes mobile. Learn more >>

Installing iQ.Suite Domino on SUSE Linux Enterprise 12

How can iQ.Suite for Domino be installed on Domino 9.0.1 under SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12? Learn more >>

Virus scanners for Domino und Exchange/SMTP supported by iQ.Suite

Which virus scanners are supported by iQ.Suite Watchdog? Learn more >>

Update for Avira SAVAPI license in iQ.Suite

A valid savapi.key file is needed to deploy the current pattern version of Avira Scan-Engine (integrated in iQ.Suite Watchdog). Learn more >>

Configuring McAfee Scan Engine in iQ.Suite

We recommend using the default settings to ensure maximum protection with McAfee Scan Engine. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: Extracting file attachments and graphics from PDF files

How can objects embedded in PDF files be recognized and reviewed by iQ.Suite Domino? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite and Crypt Pro KeyManager: SHA-256 certificates

As of January 2017 support for the SHA-1 hash algorithm will be discontinued and will be regarded as invalid by all browsers and operating systems. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: WebClient installation

What needs to be taken into consideration when installing iQ.Suite WebClient for Domino? Learn more >>