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iQ.Suite Domino: Extracting file attachments and graphics from PDF files

How can objects embedded in PDF files be recognized and reviewed by iQ.Suite Domino? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite and Crypt Pro KeyManager: SHA-256 certificates

As of January 2017 support for the SHA-1 hash algorithm will be discontinued and will be regarded as invalid by all browsers and operating systems. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: WebClient installation

What needs to be taken into consideration when installing iQ.Suite WebClient for Domino? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: Log entries in Windows Event Log

How are iQ.Suite Domino log entries written and displayed in the Windows Event Viewer? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: Identify the iQ.Suite Version number

How can the version number of a currently installed iQ.Suite Domino be identified? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: Parallel use of iQ.Suite and ScanMail

How can Trend Micro ScanMail for Domino and iQ.Suite for Domino be run parallel to each other on a Domino Server? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: Installation of license file

How should a license file be installed in iQ.Suite Domino? Learn more >>

Discontinued versions of iQ.Suite

Which versions of iQ.Suite are currently supported and which versions have been officially discontinued? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Update Manager: System requirements

Which operating systems are supported by the iQ.Suite Update Manager? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Clerk: Forwarding personal email to group inboxes

Emails sent to a personal email address that should be processed by a group can be rerouted or forwarded via the Clerk module. Learn more >>

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