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Time-controlled email transmission

With iQ.Suite Smart it is possible to proactively combat the constant email availability of employees, by withholding emails outside of business hours and scheduling their delivery for the next day before office hours begin. Learn more >>

Setting up scheduled jobs

Your job should only be run on certain days and times of the week. Learn more >>

Situation-dependent email parking and automatic re-sending

Sign your emails using iQ.Suite KeyManager. No certificate is available for the first time a user would like to send a signed email. Learn more >>

Deployment of a second virus scanner

If the primary virus scanner malfunctions, for example due to an updating error, a second scanner can be activated and continue to ensure that emails are checked for viruses. Learn more >>

Importing new configuration elements after an iQ.Suite update

You've got the latest version of iQ.Suite. Now you want to integrate the latest configuration documents (e.g. new fingerprints) into your existing infrastructure. Learn more >>

Running commands at operating system level

It is not only possible to run Notes formulas using iQ.Suite Actionjob (Mail and database jobs), but also to run commands at operating system level. Learn more >>

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