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Distributing your iQ.Suite licence automatically in a multi-server environment

For some time now, there has been the option to synchronise iQ.Suite configurations in a multi-server environment using the master-slave process. Learn more >>

Display email signatures in outgoing emails

Following legal regulations and a professional outward appearance are two important factors in business email communication. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Program Call – Parameters with Spaces

GnuPG Crypt Job – Error message with encrypted emails: "encryption error - bad signature detected" Learn more >>

Updating the Kaspersky KAV license in iQ.Suite

Kaspersky Scan Engine no longer initializes. Log notification: KAV_E_LICENSE_EXPIRED_OR_MISSING: No valid license found or license expired Learn more >>

Protection from Dridex malware with iQ.Suite

A new wave of Trojan attacks is underway: Dridex malware exploits a loophole in Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF). Learn more >>

Monitor emails with iQ.Suite

Emails are usually created, edited and sent all within a few seconds, making monitoring and problem analysis difficult. Keeping a cool head and not losing perspective is key! Learn more >>

iQ.Suite PDFCrypt: Password transmission

iQ.Suite PDFCrypt lets the sender transmit emails with confidential contents securely. The recipient only needs a PDF-Reader and the password, which is sent separately. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Fingerprints for JPEG 2000 formats

Security gap: Manipulated JPEG 2000 graphics can contain malcode. Learn more >>

Protection from macro viruses

Macro viruses usually lurk in Microsoft Office documents. They often enter a computer system via documents sent as email attachments or are accidentally downloaded when users click on malicious URLs in phishing mails. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Watchdog with Kaspersky Security Network Option (KSN)

Which information and file formats are uploaded from an email to the cloud of the AV provider? Learn more >>

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