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iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP: Establishing a healthier work-life balance

Reading emails after work or responding to supervisors while on vacation: Constant availability has become the norm for most employees. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite and Crypt Pro KeyManager: SHA-256 certificates

As of January 2017 support for the SHA-1 hash algorithm will be discontinued and will be regarded as invalid by all browsers and operating systems. Learn more >>

Using Windows Certificate Store in iQ.Suite

In light of pressing issues such as Prism and others, it is more than advisable to encrypt email communication. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP: Setting session timeouts

An iQ.Suite WebClient session is automatically terminated after 10 minutes of inactivity. How can this timeout be changed? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP: Windows Registry files

Windows Registry files are used to run iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP. Where are these located? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP: Identify the iQ.Suite Version number

How can the version number of a currently installed iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP be identified? Learn more >>

Discontinued versions of iQ.Suite

Which versions of iQ.Suite are currently supported and which versions have been officially discontinued? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP: Installation of license file

How should a license file be installed in iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Update Manager: System requirements

Which operating systems are supported by the iQ.Suite Update Manager? Learn more >>

Automatic synchronisation of iQ.Suite configurations

The share-drive (shared folders or drives) has been a tried-and-tested solution for the application of uniform iQ.Suite configurations to multiple serves. Learn more >>

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