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iQ.Suite Watchdog with Avira Protection Cloud Option (APC)

Which information and file formats are uploaded from an email to the cloud of the AV provider? Learn more >>

Virus scanners for Domino und Exchange/SMTP supported by iQ.Suite

Which virus scanners are supported by iQ.Suite Watchdog? Learn more >>

Update for Avira SAVAPI license in iQ.Suite

A valid savapi.key file is needed to deploy the current pattern version of Avira Scan-Engine (integrated in iQ.Suite Watchdog). Learn more >>

Configuring McAfee Scan Engine in iQ.Suite

We recommend using the default settings to ensure maximum protection with McAfee Scan Engine. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: Extracting file attachments and graphics from PDF files

How can objects embedded in PDF files be recognized and reviewed by iQ.Suite Domino? Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: Parallel use of iQ.Suite and ScanMail

How can Trend Micro ScanMail for Domino and iQ.Suite for Domino be run parallel to each other on a Domino Server? Learn more >>

Deployment of a second virus scanner

If the primary virus scanner malfunctions, for example due to an updating error, a second scanner can be activated and continue to ensure that emails are checked for viruses. Learn more >>