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iQ.Suite completely processes emails with external Internet recipients without the need of control

In large Domino infrastructures it is not always possible to stop the router for a few minutes during regular working hours. Learn more >>

Using iQ.Suite Monitor within a Multi-Server Environment

The iQ.Suite Monitor enables the iQ.Suite administrator to view the quarantine folder and its emails via the management console within a multi-server environment. Learn more >>

Email encryption meets GDPR: No problem with iQ.Suite PDFCrypt

iQ.Suite PDFCrypt enables secure transmission of emails in the form of PDF-files, protected by a password. Learn more >>

Checking attachments in PDFs with iQ.Suite

Sending files via email is an everyday process for all companies and private users. Learn more >>

Meltdown and Spectre Kernel Vulnerabilities

A security issue affecting Intel, AMD and ARM processors has been announced. In this Knowledge Base article, we would like to provide information and guidance on how to protect servers running GBS iQ.Suite. Learn more >>

Distributing your iQ.Suite licence automatically in a multi-server environment

For some time now, there has been the option to synchronise iQ.Suite configurations in a multi-server environment using the master-slave process. Learn more >>

Display email signatures in outgoing emails

Following legal regulations and a professional outward appearance are two important factors in business email communication. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Program Call – Parameters with Spaces

GnuPG Crypt Job – Error message with encrypted emails: "encryption error - bad signature detected" Learn more >>

iQ.Suite WebClient Cockpit – Collecting statistical data

In iQ.Suite WebClient, different statistical widgets can be displayed in the cockpit module. To display this information, the corresponding data must first be collected in a databank. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite WebClient – Out of Memory

In Domino 8.x Server environments the following value is set as standard in Notes.ini. HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize=64M Learn more >>